Error Accessing Boot Sector File

Published: 01st May 2008
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Boot sector files are responsible for tracing and keeping all the information during boot and if these files get corrupt, lost or damaged, then many problems may arise. You may encounter the following message when you attempt to boot your Windows supported system:

"I/O error accessing boot sector file


If your system is configured into dual boot then you may face this problem and your system may not boot properly as the operating system is not able to access a necessary boot sector file.

In dual boot configuration, the operating system uses a hidden file named Bootsect.dos to boot and in the case of damage or misplacement of this file the error message gets displayed.

To resolve this problem Microsoft has suggested following few of the steps:

1. Search for the Bootsect.dos file in the root directory of your boot drive by entering dir bootsect.dos /a at the command prompt.
2. If it is found then probably it is corrupted, delete it.

This would certainly solve your problem but the boot sector file which was needed to be deleted, now needs to be recovered as the further booting can not occur without this file.

To recover this file you must certainly have a backup and in case you don't have, which is the most probable case, you need to reinstall the operating system .

Reinstalling the operating system is a very easy process which can be performed by anyone. But the problem arises when you look over the data which you have already saved on your hard drive. You may have collected that data with much effort and a sudden loss of this data may not be affordable to you.

The reinstallation of the operating system needs the formatting of primary partition of hard drive. The conditions become worse if you haven't partitioned the same or most of your important data is lying on the primary partition or you are using dynamic partitions.

You may suffer a catastrophic condition of a severe data loss. In these situations you will certainly need a help that could recover your data. In case of Windows operating system this help is termed as Windows data recovery software. These software recovers all the files and folders from formatted hard drives.

Stellar Phoenix Windows Data Recovery software is the best help provided to you in each case of Windows data recovery. This software is capable of recovering all the data from formatted hard drives. The software is found to be compatible with all the file versions of Windows including Windows Vista, XP, 2003 and 2000. It recognizes almost 300 file types and recovers them with much ease and flexibility. Its well interactive interface provides you an easy environment to work upon and it doesn't require any sound technical knowledge to use it.

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