Mark Robin


"End of extra data" Zip Error

29th December 2008
Once you have created a Zip file, further file addition is the common practice. But, the process may appear little problematic with the following error message:"End of extra data"Data is under threat and you need an immediate solution as file also shows t... Read >

'Properties for this information service must be defined prior to use' Outlook Error

15th October 2008
Microsoft always tries to ease the users with improvements to its application's features. Each new version of application states the achievement of Microsoft, gaining control over previous limitations. As for example, Outlook 2003 and its later version ga... Read >

'The custom form could not be opened Outlook will use an Outlook form instead.' Outlook Error

07th October 2008
PST is the combination of various objects of Outlook including e-mails, contacts, calendar items, appointments and so on. Their individual significance is dependent upon the work and the mode in which MS Outlook is being used. So, either of their corrupti... Read >

“Microsoft Office Outlook has stopped working” Error in Outlook

01st October 2008
Sometimes when you start Microsoft Outlook email client, after verifying the username and password, you might come across with the following error messages:"Microsoft Office Outlook has stopped working."And"A problem caused the program to stop working cor... Read >

Recovering the SQL Database from Suspect\Offline Mode

25th September 2008
The SQL server database can go in the SuspectOffline mode in many situations. The incorrect database status may make you worry. In this situation, none of the SQL query run as expected, like if you opt to have 'Select' query, this will give you "Torn page... Read >

Character Data Corruption in SQL Server and MDF Recovery

05th September 2008
While interacting with MDF file of MS SQL Server, consider the given scenarios:In MS SQL Server, you use SSMS (SQL Server Management Studio) to query character data from the SQL Server database which uses a non-Unicode data type. For instance, the SQL Ser... Read >

Error Accessing Boot Sector File

01st May 2008
Boot sector files are responsible for tracing and keeping all the information during boot and if these files get corrupt, lost or damaged, then many problems may arise. You may encounter the following message when you attempt to boot your Windows supporte... Read >

Excel Keeps crashing

02nd April 2008
Microsoft Excel is a most popular and widely used spreadsheet program. It is a component of Microsoft Office package. It consists of computation and graphing tools, pivot tables and a programming language know as VBA or Visual Basic for Applications. MS E... Read >

Blue Screen of Windows XP and Data Recovery

15th February 2008
Have you ever faced the blue screen error popped up? Blue screen is an error screen displayed by Microsoft Windows XP after encountering a critical system error. In this situation, the computer screen freezes and only way to get pass this screen is to res... Read >

How to Recover from (VBS/Loveletter) Virus

24th January 2008
The ILOVEYOU, also known as VBS/Loveletter is a computer virus that is written in VBScript. This virus comes in an email with subject line "I LOVE YOU" and contains an attachment. As soon as, user open the attachment, the message being re-sent to all addr... Read >